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Monitoring cycle trends in patients of advanced maternal age

Divaraniya AA, Kumar N, & Chen SH.


Advanced maternal age (AMA) is associated with a decline in both ovarian reserve and oocyte competence. Yet, the proportion of individuals delaying childbearing until the 3rd-early 4th decade of life has greatly increased. In AMA patients, an infertility workup is recommended after 6 months of regular unprotected intercourse. We looked to compare quantitative hormone data and cycle trends using the Oova platform among AMA and non-AMA patients to inform patient management. Results demonstrate that more cycles and more measurements per cycle were tracked with increasing age. Based on these results, it can be inferred that AMA patients would be more likely to adhere to protocols for fertility treatment and monitoring more effectively than non-AMA patients. We show that by proactively monitoring fertility hormone levels in AMA patients, patients can receive increased personalized care and expedite access to fertility treatment.