Can Oova be used during pregnancy?

If Oova helped you conceive, you might be interested in continuing the journey through pregnancy with Oova. Here's what the results could mean if you track during the pregnancy.

Oova can be used to monitor a pregnancy early in the first trimester, specifically if you are interested in tracking progesterone levels. If pregnant, progesterone levels should surpass what Oova can measure; however, it can alleviate some stress to ensure they remain elevated.

However, beyond the first few weeks of the pregnancy, hormone levels will begin to reach significantly above the range Oova can measure. The high hormone concentrations will make the test fail and the results unreliable.

Specifically, the beta-HCG or pregnancy hormone in the urine sample binds to Oova's LH antibody. Because there is such a high level of beta-HCG present, it pulls the dye from the other two lines, and the test will most likely not scan or give incorrect results.