Do doctors trust the results from Oova?

Oova prides itself on being the most accurate at-home test available that provides results in real-time. Here's why doctors love what we've created.

In the early part of the pandemic, fertility clinics were hit exceptionally hard because fertility treatment was viewed as an elective procedure. This left families and couples that had waited months to years to get their treatments scheduled completely helpless as they had to wait until their clinics opened up. During this time, clinicians began reaching out to the Oova team to utilize our technology for remote hormone monitoring.

Since then, Oova has been adopted by almost 100 clinical practices across the United States to help with remote hormone monitoring. Our doctors are having their patients use Oova at home, and their quantitative hormone measurements are provided on a HIPAA-compliant web dashboard in real-time. This has drastically eased the workflow for both patients and providers.

If you would like to find a provider near you that utilizes Oova's technology, please send us a note at We will be more than happy to make a referral.