Does Oova work for women with irregular cycles?

Oova was designed for the 87% of women who have irregular cycles. We believe the irregular woman is the "normal." woman.

You go through a pretty extensive onboarding process when you download our app. We feed this information into our algorithm, and the app will let you know which days to use an Oova strip. The goal is to capture several days before your LH surge, the surge, and several days after your surge to confirm if an egg has been released. With 15 strips and an irregular cycle, we may be a few days off on any of those goals, but we will be able to learn your baseline hormone levels and see how your hormones are trending. With every piece of information you enter into the app, our algorithm learns and continuously tweaks your schedule for subsequent cycles.

Many women using Oova with irregular cycles opt to override Oova's scanning predictions. For those who have no idea when they ovular, they test every day starting the first day after their period ends until they receive the POST-OVULATION status. This allows both the algorithm and the woman to understand whether or not she is ovulating and provides an idea of when ovulation occurs,

If you would like to use Oova in this way, please contact Oova's Customer Support at to modify your app settings.