How do I scan an Oova cartridge?

As soon as you receive your Oova Test Kit you will be able to start tracking your hormones. Here's how to scan your first cartridge.

Before you get started, make sure you have already downloaded the app and created your account. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Congratulations, you are ready to take your first scan! 

Using the information you input during onboarding, the Oova algorithm will identify and alert you to the best day for taking a scan. 

1. Prepare the kit: 

Open a new disposable Oova cartridge and remove it from the packaging. Avoid touching the tip or getting the cartridge wet. Push the cartridge into the blue Oova handle until it clicks.

2. Open the app: 

Open the Oova app and click on the home button. If it is a testing day, you will see a message saying, “Scan Today.” Click the blue SCAN NOW button. 

If it is the first time you are taking a scan, tap the blue button that says SHOW ME THE TUTORIAL. You will be walked through the next steps. 

(If you don’t need the instructions, click, I KNOW WHAT TO DO, but only after you have peed on the cartridge. Clicking the second option will take you directly to the 10-minute timer.)

3. Pee

You can provide a urine sample either by peeing directly on the cartridge or collecting a urine sample in a cup and dipping the cartridge pad into the cup.

Whichever way you choose, try to avoid getting any urine on the plastic part of the cartridge and holder. You only need to saturate the pad at the end of the cartridge. If you choose to pee directly on the cartridge, you can just turn the cartridge away from you in order to avoid splashing the scanning window.

Place the cartridge and handle on the holder. Avoid touching the sample pad. 

4. Start the 10-minute timer and wait

In the app, start the 10-minute timer. Make sure the cartridge and holder is on a flat, stable surface, and don’t touch it for the duration of the 10 minutes. During this time, you should begin to see either one, two, or three lines appear on the cartridge(here is some information on what the lines mean).

5. Scan the cartridge

Once the timer is complete, you will scan the cartridge using your phone’s camera. You will see yellow outlines on the screen. Hold your phone over the cartridge and try to make the yellow outlines line up with the cartridge. If you are having trouble, try these steps:

  1. Focus on the QR code first. Ensure that the QR Code fills the square in the boundary box that appears. 
  2. Once the QR code is set, tilt your phone to fit the region with the lines in the oval space.

If you still need help, visit the Scanning Tips page.

Once you have successfully scanned your cartridge, give the app a moment to analyze your results. For more information about interpreting your results, visit our Results knowledge base.