How does Oova work?

Oova's technology may sound complicated but it really is as easy as pee, scan, act!

Oova is an at-home urine test that works alongside a smartphone app (check if your phone is supported here). The kit comes with a handle, holder, and enough disposable cartridges (15) for a single cycle. Each of our cartridges measures luteinizing hormone (LH) and progesterone.

You will be taken through a registration process when you download the app. We ask about your reproductive history, general wellness, and menstrual cycle. This information is input into Oova's algorithm to determine which days of your cycle you need to use an Oova cartridge.

On a testing day, you will provide a midstream urine sample on a cartridge or dipping into a cup (Oova works both ways). You then start the 10-minute timer in the app. During this time, you should begin to see either one, two, or three lines appear on the test strip (here is some information on what the lines mean).

Once the timer is complete, you will scan the cartridge using the camera directly on your phone. Our algorithms are embedded in the app and will take you to your results page to tell you exactly where you are in your cycle. 

Our results will tell you your hormone concentrations for LH and progesterone (more on what the percentages mean here). In addition, a contextualized result will let you know if you are in low, high, or peak ovulation, if you've released an egg or not, and days post ovulation. Finally, we provide a daily action plan which includes something in nutritional health, physical health, and emotional wellness so you can take control of your fertility journey.

At the end of your cycle, you will receive a report in the app that will give you more insight into your hormone levels and the information we collected. You can share the report with your doctor if they are not already an Oova provider. If they are an Oova provider, we will share the data with your clinician, so you don't need to worry about what is relevant for your doctor and what is not.