How is Oova different from Clearblue?

Clearblue is a leading ovulation prediction kit (OPK) on the market. However, Oova has developed an innovative solution that provides significant more value than traditional OPKs.

Oova differs from Clearblue in multiple ways:

  1. Oova measures both LH and progesterone to identify a woman’s fertile window and confirm ovulation,
  2. Clearblue is a threshold test, and Oova is not. Oova provides quantitative values for each hormone (out to two decimal places),
  3. Every test is personalized; since we quantitatively measure the hormones, we can detect fluctuations in each woman’s hormones by comparing to her baseline,
  4. We have a machine learning algorithm on the backend that gets smarter with a piece of information collected, and
  5. We enable a woman’s doctor to view her hormone levels through our dashboard in real-time, so she doesn’t need to wait for lab results.