I received my Oova Fertility Hormone Kit, now what?

Welcome to the Oova family! Let's get you all set up. This page has all the information you need to get started.

Step 1. Download the Oova app and follow the steps to complete registration.

During registration, you will be asked to enter information about your menstrual cycle, general wellness, and reproductive history.

It is important that you enter this information as accurately as possible. When asked when you had your last period, be sure to enter this correctly. This is a critical piece of information for the algorithm to make its initial predictions. You will also need to estimate how long your cycle is. If you have irregular cycles, take an average of the lengths of your last 3 cycles.

More information on registration:

Step 2. Find out when you will take your first scan.

As eager as you may be to start testing with Oova, we want to be sure that we capture the data necessary to understand your body. More data is not always better. You'll be prompted within the app when it's time to take a scan.  On the app's Home screen, you will see a message indicating when it's time to take just an estrogen test, just an LH + progesterone test, or both.

More information on scanning:

Step 3. Select the symptoms you would like to track

Go to Settings, then Log Preferences, and select the features and symptoms you would like to track. The more you track, the more we learn about your body and the more insights we can deliver about your cycle.

More information on symptom tracking:

Learn more about the Oova App



1. Scanning

Scanning your Oova cartridge correctly is critical to monitor your daily hormone levels.



2. Journal

In the Oova App you have the flexibility to track whichever symptoms or activities are most important to you.



3. Calendar

View your retroactive data and predictions for cycles to come.



4. Report

See a summary of your past cycle's data and insights.