Oova for PCOS

PCOS affects 1 in 10 women in the US and yet there are limited solutions available when trying to conceive. Oova changes that!

Women with PCOS struggle with irregular cycles and often hormone imbalances. Understanding these hormone imbalances is critical when simply trying to decipher your menstrual cycle or trying to conceive.  
Many women with PCOS use Oova. We personalize the experience for every woman by determining which days of her cycle she needs to use Oova and learning her unique fertility profile.
When you download our app, you will go through an onboarding process. We feed this information into our algorithm, and the app will let you know which days to use an Oova strip. The goal is to capture the days when your estrogen starts to rise before your LH surge, the LH surge, and several days after your surge to confirm if an egg has been released. With 15 strips and PCOS, we may be a few days off on any of those goals, but we will be able to learn your baseline hormone levels and see how your hormones are trending. This is ideal for women with PCOS as their baseline levels may differ from what is considered "normal." With every piece of information you enter into the app, our algorithm learns and continuously tweaks your schedule for subsequent cycles.