How do I log my period in the Oova app?

In the Oova app, you have four options for describing your flow: Spotting, Light, Moderate, and Heavy. Here is what each option means.

If you are an Oova user, you will have noticed that we ask for the first day of your most recent period. This is important information to enter so that Oova’s algorithm can get to know your personal cycle.

Once the algorithm knows when your cycle started, it will accurately be able to tell you when to take each scan.

In the app, you have four options for how to define your period flow.

  • Spotting: Spotting means that blood only appears when wiping, but you don’t need a pad or tampon. In the app, we do not consider spotting to be the first day of your period.
  • Light: A light flow means that the bleeding is enough to require a panty liner or, if using a pad or tampon, the bleeding will not soak through a single pad or tampon in 3 hours.
  • Moderate: Moderate bleeding means soaking through 1 pad or tampon in 3 hours.
  • Heavy: Heavy bleeding means that you are soaking through more than one pad or tampon in under 3 hours. 

What if I haven't had my period recently?

If you haven’t had your period in a couple of months, you can still use the Oova Test Kit. It will be more difficult for the algorithm to time exactly when you should start using Oova until we collect enough data. However, you can begin testing at any point, and the algorithm will figure out your cycle once it collects your baseline and daily hormone levels. 

For users who haven’t had a period recently, we recommend testing for more than 15 days to fully understand where you are in your cycle.