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Scan outside the suggested scanning window

Oova is designed to be a personalized experience and optimize your chances of conception. This means as you evolve, so does the algorithm to learn your unique hormone nuances.

When you register in the Oova app, the app asks for information about your reproductive history, general wellness, and menstrual cycle. This information is entered into our algorithm to determine which 15 days of your cycle you should use Oova. The goal is to capture your baseline hormone levels, LH surge, and post-surge to confirm ovulation. However, depending on your plan, you may want to focus on a specific portion of your cycle or monitor for more than 15 days.

To modify your scanning days, go to Settings > My Cycle > My Scanning Window Offset. and adjust the scanning window to be earlier or later.
If you are working with a clinician and have entered their clinic ID in the app (Settings > My ProfileDid a clinic refer you > Yes > Clinic ID has a valid ID entered (provided by your practitioner)). You will see a SCAN NOW button in the Settings menu. You may utilize this to scan outside your specified scanning days, and your results will be visible in your app and your end-of-cycle report.
If either option does not work for you, please contact our support team at support@oova.life and we can modify your settings.