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Can I scan the same Oova cartridge multiple times?

Repeatedly scanning the same cartridge increases the probability of an inaccurate result.

Sometimes when you use Oova, you may feel the scan did not come through clearly. However, we highly recommend that you refrain from scanning the same cartridge multiple times.

By repeatedly scanning the same cartridge, you may interfere with the cartridge's chemistry and increase the probability of an incorrect response. 

The chemistry is constantly processing, even after the timer goes off. This means you may continue to see changes in the scan results after the scanning time is up. We consider the 10-minute mark the ideal time to scan, and the moment we have based all our accuracy measures on. Rescanning beyond this time frame risks making the scan less accurate.

Specifically, there is a 95% chance that the first scan is accurate. If that is the case, then there is a 90% chance (95% * 95% = 90%) that the second scan is correct. If you scan a third time, there is a 73% chance the scan is accurate, and so on. We recommend only scanning the cartridge, at the 10-minute mark, to limit the amount of noise that can affect the algorithm by doing multiple scans.

If you feel a scan is not captured correctly, please send a picture of your cartridge to our Customer Support team at support@oova.life. We can analyze and load the results into your app manually.