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The Oova scan did not run properly

If your cartridge does not scan correctly, it could mean the algorithm was unable to interpret your results, and there may have been an error in the way the sample was applied to the sample pad.

If you see the lines on the cartridge do not appear (especially the control line), then it could mean one of two things:
  1. Not enough urine is being provided
  2. Urine is splashing into the window, affecting the flow of urine, thereby preventing the entire scan from running.
In this case, please take a picture of the cartridge and send it to Oova's Customer Support team at support@oova.life. If we can load the results manually, we will let you know and ensure the correct data is entered in your app.
Please note that if the cartridge does not run entirely, it will be difficult for our team to load the results.