What do the hormone percentages mean?

Oova reports hormone results in percentages and as actual values.

When we started Oova, we wanted to ensure women received the information they needed to take control of their fertility journey fully. This meant giving them the most accurate data possible. 

However, when we did our initial user testing, women told us they felt more anxious seeing actual values because they were very overwhelming. To soften that experience, we now report percentages as well.

The percentages for each hormone are calculated by the measured value on the test, divided by the maximum test limit for each hormone, and then multiplied by 100.

For LH, the maximum is 125 mIU/L.

For progesterone, the maximum is 22.5 ng/mL.

For estrogen, the maximum is 500 ng/mL.

You can back-calculate the actual value for each hormone by taking the reported percentage, dividing by 100, and multiplying by 125 for LH, 500 for estrogen, or 22.5 for progesterone.

Please note that if you are working with a clinician who is an Oova provider, they will see your actual hormone values in their clinician dashboard.