What do the lines mean on an Oova cartridge?

You may be used to seeing two lines on an ovulation test but Oova has three. What do these mean?

Oova measures two hormones in a single scan, a technology known as multiplexing. The two hormones Oova measures are luteinizing hormone (LH) and progesterone. It can be confusing to interpret these tests, so we break down how to interpret the Oova cartridges. However, Oova's app is designed to do all the interpreting and analysis, so you don't have to do the mental gymnastics required to decipher traditional ovulation tests. We're here to make your journey EASIER!

The control line is the top line (furthest from the QR code). This line must appear on every single cartridge. It lets you know that the scan worked. If this line does not appear, the cartridge will not be successfully scanned by the app.

The second line is the progesterone line. This gets fainter the higher the concentration of progesterone.

The last line (the line closest to the QR code) is the LH line. This will get darker as the LH concentration goes up.