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Why did the scanning button disappear?

To learn your fertility profile, we must ensure we capture enough data each cycle. If your scanning button has been removed, it may have been for one of the following reasons:

  1. We could not capture enough data to measure your baseline hormone levels effectively. This information is critical for monitoring your LH surge and increase in progesterone.
  2. You missed too many days in this cycle's scanning window for us to accurately understand what is happening in your cycle. Oova is designed to be used for 15 consecutive days. If too many days of the 15 are missed, our algorithm will be unable to learn critical nuances present in your cycle.

We recommend you hold on to your remaining strips and continue using Oova in your next cycle. Be sure to log your period accurately so Oova can inform you when your scanning window begins.

If you used an Oova test today and need to scan it, take a picture of it and send it to our Customer Support team at support@oova.life. They can analyze and load the results into your app manually.