Why is Oova so pricey?

Fertility journeys can be expensive. Why is Oova at a higher price point than other at-home fertility tests?

You may be becoming a self-proclaimed expert in all things fertility and menstrual cycles, while navigating your fertility journey. One of the areas you may become familiar with is the world of at-home testing. There are many products available for women to track their cycles and understand their fertility. What is even more confusing is that they all have different price tags yet promise the same things. Who can you trust?

You may experience some sticker shock when you come across Oova's price tag; however, in the grand scheme of things, Oova is incredibly cost-effective.

The Oova Kit retails at $159 and comes with everything you need to monitor a single cycle - 30 disposable cartridges (15 measuring LH and progesterone together, and 15 measuring just estrogen), access to Oova's smartphone app (iOS or Android), and integration with your clinician if they are an Oova provider.

The Oova Membership retails for $99.99 per month. The Oova Membership includes 30 disposable cartridges delivered monthly (15 measuring LH and progesterone together, and 15 measuring just estrogen), access to Oova's smartphone app (iOS or Android), entry into the exclusive Oova Community and member-only programming (including expert webinars and coffee chats with the Oova team), access to the Oova Provider Network, and 1:1 consultations with an Oova Hormone Expert.

So why is Oova priced this way? 

1. Oova measures LH (luteinizing hormone), estrogen, and progesterone through urine.

Luteinizing hormone and progesterone are two critical hormones to monitor when trying to understand your menstrual cycle (see here). However, it can be difficult to determine when to measure which hormone. Oova removes the guesswork by measuring both hormones every day that you use an Oova cartridge. By measuring both LH and progesterone each day, there is no guessing where you are in your cycle. Oova is the only test on the market that can identify your fertile window and confirm if you released an egg in a particular cycle.

2. Oova returns quantitive levels of all hormones every day you use an Oova test.

Oova strives to empower you with information about your hormone levels so you can take control of your fertility journey. This is why Oova provides actual concentrations for LH, estrogen, and progesterone each day you use an Oova test. Along with the hormone values, the results are contextualized to let you know if you are in low, high, or peak ovulation, did you release an egg, and the number of days post-ovulation so you know exactly where you are in your cycle. 

3. Oova learns your unique fertility profile.

Oova's algorithm does not compare your data to a standard threshold. It learns your personal hormone baselines and detects fluctuations by comparing them to that. Every cycle, Oova learns more about your estrogen, LH, and progesterone levels pre- and post-ovulation to get more and more accurate every day. Because the entire experience is personalized, Oova works for all women. It does not segregate women with regular cycles, irregular cycles, reproductive disorders, or any hormone imbalance. Because Oova is a quantitative test, Oova can accommodate any situation to share reliable results.

4. Oova is trusted by clinicians across the country and seamlessly shares the data with your clinical team.

Oova partners with clinicians to allow them to monitor their patient's hormone levels seamlessly and entirely remotely. Patients working with an Oova provider will be able to use their Oova test at home, and the moment they receive their results within the app, their clinician will receive their hormone levels and any relevant symptoms reported in the app in real-time on their Oova dashboard. This allows you and your clinician to be looking at the same data and empowers you to have a data-driven conversation with your clinical team. Trusted by clinicians, this technology is currently being utilized by almost 100 clinics across the US.

5. Results within minutes in the privacy of your home.

With Oova, you no longer have to mail samples to a lab or wait several days to get your results. Ten minutes after a sample is provided on the Oova test, the cartridge gets scanned using the camera on a smartphone, and the results are available within seconds. This is highly sought after by clinicians because they can get your hormone levels within seconds rather than waiting for hours or days to bring hormone levels back.

6. Full fertility solution

Unlike other fertility tests, Oova offers support and resources to help you navigate your fertility journey. The Oova Membership goes beyond delivering hormone measurements to guiding your entire journey. Members receive:

  • Exclusive access to the Oova Community
  • Member-only programming and events
  • Expert-led webinars
  • Coffee chats with the Oova team
  • The Oova Provider Network
  • 1:1 consultations with an Oova Hormone Expert

Still have questions about whether Oova is right for you?

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